Painful revelations

I am grateful.

I thought this today as I woke up, I mean to say 2018 has been a f**king c**t of a year emotionally with my wife undergoing major abdominal surgery, the feeling of drifting apart from friends and family, the very real possibility of my finances going bankrupt, falling seriously ill myself and ending up in A&E  and being told my dog needs £2000+ worth of knee surgery nearly reduced me to tears… but I am lucky!

Lucky to have my wife, my family, my home, my dog, my health, my thoughts and wisdom still intact.

I am making a concerted effort not only to hold things together in my life right now but also let go of things that are painful whilst at the same time striving forward towards what I want for 2019 and beyond.

I really have no time for people who complain or who are overly negative about their own circumstances. I've had to do a lot of looking at myself this year to realise that I am disappointed with myself.

Realisations like this are painful but from that pain or truth I can grow. 

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