Deleting my social media accounts.

I became aware very recently that because of my desire to be active in social media, on all of the myriad of platforms and places out there, that I had been neglecting my mental health.

I have always tried to maintain a kind of ‘engaged detachment’ with social media, if that makes sense but I realised I was just making excuses for my addiction.

Obviously I want to remain engaged with all the latest developments of technology, what a great time to be alive!, on the other hand I don’t want to lose that part of myself that is personable, friendly, helpful to others and above all else, aproachable, which if you meet me in person i’m sure you will discover.  
I was engaged with more than 10 different social media platforms each with their own programming language, messages, topics, contacts and etiquette. To keep engaged with all of these all of the time was just making me a busy fool. I have therefore have decided to hang my hat, so to speak, on just one platform. So I will only be answering comments left on my YouTube Channel, instagram or here on my website.


I have also closed my Twitter and Facebook accounts however I may post on Instagram over the weekends. I do not need a social media manager but in order not to appear rude I feel it is better to direct any conversations or interactions though one platform.  



Just a re-assessment of boundaries. 

Thank you for your attention and understanding.

Myles McDowell


Mylo. x

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